Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry

We can provide a wide range of techniques to resolve your analytical problems.


These are primarily used for accurate quantitation over a wide range of concentrations and are especially useful for genotoxic analysis and bioanalysis.  Molecular weight confirmation to aid with the characterisation of synthesised intermediates, APIs and reference standards is performed routinely.  The instruments are all capable of ESI and APCI.  ESI is used for highly polar compounds and for smaller peptides whilst APCI is used for less polar compounds.


We have several ion trap MS instruments with the capability of MSn experiments.  These can be used to help with the structural elucidation of compounds, impurities and metabolites.

Time of Flight (TOF)

Our TOF and Q-TOF systems are used for accurate mass measurements (including MS/MS) and the analysis of high molecular weight compounds especially peptides, proteins and oligonucleotides.  These instruments are also used extensively to help with the structural elucidation.


These instruments are used for the analysis of volatile thermally stable compounds.  Typical applications include the identification and/or quantitation of solvents, identification of volatile impurities in starting materials and characterisation of reference standards.

Both EI and CI are available as well as direct sample introduction for the qualitative or semi-quantitative analysis of materials that are difficult to elute chromatographically.

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