Animal Free Chemokines

Animal Free Chemokines

From research tools to therapeutics, chemokines have a wide and complex range of applications in the biochemical research field. Almac provides a range of over 60 human chemokines in the native, and site specifically labeled form.

Advantages of Synthetic Chemokines

Almac employs proprietary skills in long chain peptide synthesis to chemically synthesise chemokines. As a result, high purity products are obtained, ensuring the precise amino acid sequence is produced, endotoxin free. The selective manufacturing process is highly amenable to the manufacture of labeled chemokines, ensuring that not only is a single label is incorporated, but also at a specific site in the sequence. We provide site-specifically labeled chemokines with biotin and AlexaFluor 647®.


All our products are available in various pack sizes.

  • Human native chemokines – 20µg, 100µg, 1mg
  • Human site-specifically biotin labeled chemokines – 10µg, 100µg
  • Human site-specifically AF647® labeled chemokines – 10µg, 100µg

Almac also offers key expertise in provision of clinical grade chemokines, including the regulatory support that customers expect.  Contact us to let us know your needs.

Receptor Binding

Chemokines have variable affinities for receptor binding. You can search for which chemokines act as ligands to which receptors using the table below.

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