Chemokine FAQs

Chemokine FAQs

Q: How are the chemokines produced?

A: Almac chemokines are produces by Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS), where amino acids are coupled together one at a time in the correct order of the sequence, starting from the C-terminus. The stepwise approach allows precise control over the sequence prepared. Purification and folding steps enable bioactive chemokines to be isolated.

Q: How is a biotin or fluorophore labelled chemokine produced?

A: The chemical synthesis process is controllable in such a way that enables a single label to be incorporated at a specific site in the sequence. Since the N-terminal region of the chemokine is important for biological function, the proteins are labelled at or near the C-terminus. The exact position of labelling for each product is described on the product datasheet.

Q: How are the chemokines supplied?

A: The product is supplied as a lyophilised powder, and is free from carrier proteins. The peptide has been quantified by uv, using the extinction coefficient of the protein at 280nm.

Q: How should the chemokines be stored?

A: The product should be stored as the lyophilised frozen product. Aliquots can be prepared from a stock solution and frozen. Repeat freeze-thaw cycles should be avoided.

Q: What is the shelf-life of the chemokines?

A: Lyophilised products are stable frozen for at least 24 months. Reconstituted chemokines can be stored frozen for 6 months, or in the fridge for 10 days.

Q: How should the product be reconstituted?

A: Centrifuge the vial to make sure the entire lyophilised product is in the well of the vial. Product can be reconstituted in water, or with up to 30% aqueous DMSO. Specific instructions are contained in the product datasheets.

Q: Do you supply larger quantities?

A: We are happy to provide quotes for 10s or 100mgs. If the product is required for clinical research, we can supply chemokine products manufactured under cGMP guidelines.

Q: Can you supply chemokines on a custom basis?

A: Yes. We can produce non-human chemokines, or those incorporating an alternative label, such as a different fluorophore.

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