Medicinal Chemistry Support, Medicinal chemistry, chemical synthesis, custom synthesis, scaffold, building blocks, metabolites

Preclinical and Early Clinical Supply

Preclinical and Early Clinical Supply:

Almac provides a wide range of preclinical chemistry support services including:

  • Reference Standards
  • Impurity Markers
  • Degradation products
  • Metabolites
  • Scaffolds / Unique building blocks
Early Clinical Phase Development and Synthesis:
Quality and speed are critical for success in supporting early clinical candidates. Our early phase GMP synthesis approach and philosophy includes:
  • Creativity, literature searching & quick assessment of routes
  • Rapid development of chemistry (reaction, work up and isolation)
  • Focus on speed, safety, operability, yield, throughput, quality
  • Control of impurities, including genotoxic impurities
Almac offers numerous support capabilities, including: rapid implementation of chromatography for purification, containment equipment for potent compounds and micronisation to control particle size.
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