Product Manufacture, Packaging, Labelling and Release

Product Manufacture, Packaging, Labelling and Release

Almac is an FDA-inspected and MHRA-licensed outsourcing partner to the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries tailoring its services to provide solutions to your outsourcing needs.

Operating from state-of-the-art, custom-designed GMP facilities we can manufacture oral dosage forms for all stages of drug development.  We have world class potent API handling facilities as well as separate dedicated facilities where we can process 14C isotope labeled APIs and cytotoxic APIs for early development.

Our scientists have vast experience in manufacturing api in capsule shells from small scale manual filling / capsule boards to larger scale supply utilising the Xcelodose® 600S precision powder micro-dosing system.

Packaging and labelling of clinical supplies is carried out in the same facility at the end of the dosage unit manufacturing operation to reduce the time to get to the final phase I clinical supply presentation.

One of our team of QPs is assigned to each project team.  They will offer advice and guidance throughout the project and will conduct final QP release of the clinical supplies.

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