Carbon-14 is the radioisotope of choice for use in preclinical and clinical ADME studies.

This isotope avoids the lability challenges encountered with tritrium labelling, and the long half life results in insignificant loss of label due to radioactive decay.

Istotopic labelling imposes contraints, and presents challenges beyond those found in normal chemical synthesis – when the isotope is radioactive, these become even more demanding.

Almac can offer advice on the most appropriate label position for your molecule from both a feasibility of synthesis and a metabolic stability point of view.

Stable Isotopes

2H, 13C, and 15N stable labels are routinely used to prepare stable labelled versions of APIs.  Multiple labels are typically incorporated to ensure complete mass resolution from the unlabelled API.

Almac will assess the target molecule and recommend the best and most cost effective label position/s.

Isotopic enrichments greater than 98% are typically available.

Isotopic purity is determined using state-of-the-art mass spectrometry equipment.

And By The Way…

Our additional labelling capabilities include:

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