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GMP Peptide API

Almac makes peptides of between 2 and 200 amino acids in length – all to the highest practical purity.

Product, documentation and full analytical support to allow peptides APIs to be used in clinical trials.

Complete First-In-Human Package

Diverse Scales/Uniform Quality

Our solid phase Fmoc/tBu chemistry produces peptides in batch sizes from 10s mg to 0.5Kg.

Purification uses state of the art chromatography (HPLC, size exclusion, ion exchange, tangential flow filtration). Product is lyophilised and shipped for sterile fill-finish as required.
A comprehensive range of the latest analytical techniques underpin delivery to the highest quality standards

Regulatory Support

Peptide APIs are produced under cGMP conditions in modern facilities. Additional regulatory support is available for the QP release of sterile parenteral products.

Facilities and Equipment

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