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Modified Histones

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Homogeneous full-length histones containing defined patterns of post-translational modification

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Histones are globular proteins that are subject to a wide variety of post-translational modifications.  These histone modifications, which occur predominantly on the unstructured N-terminal tails, form an epigenetic code central in the regulation of regular and disease-specific cellular processes, in particular DNA replication, repair and transcription.

  • Arginine methylation – symmetrical and asymmetrical
  • Lysine mono, di- and tri- methylation
  • Ser and Thr phosphorylation
  • Citrullination
  • Lysine acetylation
  • Ubiquitylation

Our proprietary platform technologies for the chemical synthesis of proteins, enable the provision of pure full-length natural histones containing a wide variety of post-translational modifications at any specified site(s) within the protein.

Our synthetic modified histones correspond exactly to the sequences of the natural modified histones, containing no amino acid replacements or residue analogs, and can be used in a variety of applications, such as substrates for specific histone modification enzymes, protein binding assays and the generation of chromatin preparations.

Our modified histone reagents are available off the shelf from the catalogue list below or, if you submit your sequence, we will provide the pure modified histone you require.

H3 K4me3

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H3 K9ac K14ac

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H3 S10p K14ac

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Currently on our catalogue:

  • H3 native
  • H3 K9me
  • H3 K9ac K14ac
  • H3 K9me2
  • H3 K4ac K9ac K14ac K18ac K23ac
  • H3 K9me3
  • H3 S10p K14ac
  • H3 K4me3
  • H3 S10p
  • H3 R2me
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