Protein engineering, protein conjugation, protein labelling, site-specific protein labelling, site-specific protein conjugation

Protein Conjugation Technology

Providing Solutions

The Almac Advantage

Almac’s proprietary protein engineering technology enables proteins and peptides to be site-specifically modified in a highly selective, high yielding fashion. With only one modification site, at the C-terminus, the resulting protein preparations are homogeneous. In addition, the highly efficient conjugation reactions performed under mild aqueous conditions translate into lower costs and make this technology compatible with native proteins.

Proven technology

From the conjugation of large PEG molecules for half-life extension through to the site specific attachment of small molecule probes and labels, the applicability of our technology has been demonstrated on a wide variety of proteins of therapeutic interest.

As examples:

  • Grb2-SH2
  • INFα2b
  • INFβ1b
  • Evasin-3
  • Range of single domain antibodies
  • Chemokines


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