API Radiolabelling

API Radiolabelling

Almac can label just about any compound at any stage between drug discovery and launch – including small molecules, high potency compounds, cytotoxics and peptides. As part of rapidd™ we offer stable isotope labelling with the option of providing 14C radio-labelled compounds.

Stable Isotopes

2H, 13C, and 15N stable labels are available. We will assess potential lability, stability and metabolism issues and recommend the best isotope and label position.

There are no radiation safety issues and isotopic enrichments greater than 98% are typically available. High sensitivity of detection is assured through state-of-the-art mass spectrometry, while multiple labelling can deliver complete mass resolution from an unlabelled analogue.

Radio Isotopes

14C labelling is a highly flexible cost effective solution for radio-labelled products particularly for use in ADME studies. Additional benefits are that high specific activities can be achieved, with avoidance of the lability challenges encountered with 3H labelling. Relative safety is assured through low energy beta decay and the long half-life of 14C results in insignificant loss of label due to decay.

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