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selectAZyme™ Expertise

Almac’s biocatalysis group consists of molecular and microbiologists, enzymologists, organic chemists and analysts.

The group has demonstrated expertise in gene identification, expression, fermentation and enzyme production, as well as the efficient use of enzymes to produce complex chiral APIs from mg to tonne manufacture. The biocatalysis team is closely linked to the process chemistry and manufacturing chemistry groups where enzyme discovery and development is integrated with screening and route definition.  The group brings their expertise to complex processes and rapidly implements an enzymatic process to significantly improve the yield and timelines of multi-step syntheses.

Biocatalysis Expertise


The biocatalysis group has developed the selectAZymeTM platform consisting of a range of enzyme types including hydrolases, carbonyl reductases, transaminases, P450 monooxygenases, nitrile hydratases and nitrilases to provide access to a broad range of chiral compounds such as acids, esters, alcohols, amines and amides.  Almac offers a simple business model that avoids ‘IP issues’ and enzyme screening panels are available for the customer to purchase and use themselves.

The development and application of biocatalysis has greatly expanded Almac’s technology base in recent years. Combining this technology with powerful synthetic chemistry and mg-to-tonne manufacturing capability provides a considerable boost to what we can offer to our customers, ranging from chiral building block and API synthesis to metabolite identification and synthesis.

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