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selectAZyme™ Applications


Biocatalysts are essential tools in chemical synthesis, particularly in the syntheses of pharmaceutical targets. As highly selective catalysts, they offer a direct and simple way to synthesise complex chiral compounds.

Almac’s selectAZymeTM platform offers a range of enzymes for carrying out a wide variety of chemical reactions. In addition, we provide the expertise to guide your synthesis from conception to scale-up. We also supply a variety of unique chiral building blocks and scaffolds to our customers.

We Offer:

  • FTE or FFS contracts.
  • Screening of our biocatalyst toolbox with customer substrates comprising biocatalyst selection and route demonstration.
  • Biocatalytic route invention and process development.
  • Enzyme supply on a £/Kg basis.
  • Enzyme evolution
  • Tech transfer and ongoing support through all the manufacturing steps including the training of personnel if required.
  • Supply of chiral intermediates.
  • Microbial screening and molecular biology for the development of novel biocatalysts.
  • Fermentation development and scale-up.
  • Metabolite synthesis

Almac Will Support You With:

  • Searching for new enzyme activities (specialist cultivation and screening of wild type organisms).
  • Isolation, purification and characterisation of enzymes from diverse genera.
  • Cloning, recombinant overexpression and fermentation using our in-house expression systems.
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