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Chiral Building Blocks

In recent decades, there has been a significant increase in the number of single enantiomer drugs on the market. This has unsurprisingly led to an increasing demand for chiral building blocks and scaffolds for use in drug discovery programs. As highly selective catalysts, enzymes have taken the lead in the rapid synthesis of large libraries of chiral building blocks that are not easily obtained using conventional chemistry.

Ketone Selection to Novel Scaffolds

selectAZymeTM Offers:

  • Custom synthesis of chiral building blocks and scaffolds
  • Manufacture of chiral intermediates at scale
  • Route invention using selectAZymeTMenzymes to access novel chiral building blocks
  • Chiral bioproducts from fermentation (such as cis-diols)

An example synthesis of a typical chiral scaffold is shown below:


We also offer a number of product lists (click on each product list to request download):

Chiral alcohol product list

The selectAZymeTM carbonyl reductase (CRED) platform is used for rapid synthesis and isolation of optically pure chiral alcohol products.

Cis-diol product list

The selectAZymeTM biooxidation platform is used for rapid synthesis and isolation of optically pure cis-diol products.

Activated ester product list

These activated esters can be used with the selectAZymeTM hydrolase platform for selective acylation reactions.

For further enquiries on the purchase of compounds from our product lists, please contact us at

Additional building blocks may be available on request.

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