Enzyme Panel Quotation Request

Enzyme Panel Quotation Request

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Almac offers a range of biocatalysts in easy to use kits for rapid customer evaluation without any IP issues. Development and manufacturing quantities are available on a transparent and simple £/kg basis.

Panel Type Quantity Required
Carbonyl Reductase - CESK-5000 (50 enzymes)
Hydrolase - HESK-4800 (48 enzymes)
Nitrile Manipulators - NESK-2500 (25 enzymes)
Aldehyde Reductase - AESK-1600 (16 enzymes)
Transaminase - TESK-3600 (36 enzymes)
Phenylalanine Dehydrogenase – PDESK-500 (5 enzymes)
Epoxide Hydrolase – EHESK-500 (5 enzymes)
P450 Monooxygenase – OxESK-1000 (10 enzymes)
Ene Reductase – ERESK-1300 (13 enzymes)
Hyperactivated Hydrolase – HAHESK-1000 (10 enzyme)
For further enquires involving biocatalysis, chiral chemistry or bulk ordering of biocatalysts please contact us at biocatalysis@almacgroup.com.

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