Fermentation and Molecular Biology

Fermentation and Molecular Biology

Almac has a dedicated lab for fermentation and microbiology and has handled a broad spectrum of micro-organisms including recombinant strains for the production of enzymes and bioproducts at large scale.

We provide a range of options to suit any specific project requirement:

  • Multi-Shake Flask Capabilities – grams of cell paste obtained from each 1 L shake flask culture
  • 2 – 10 L Bench-Top Fermenters – provides up to ~200 g of cell paste per single 2 L fermentation
  • 100 & 150 L Fermenter – for multi-Kg quantities of cell paste

We have used fermentation processes for the production of enzymes (carbonyl reductases) and for the production of bioproducts (cis-diols) for our customers.

We offer customer specific enzymes as:

  • Concentrated biomass (cell paste)
  • Enzyme concentrate as a cell free extract
  • Lyophilised enzyme powder
  • Immobilised enzyme

Molecular Biology

Almac biocatalysis has an integrated Molecular Biology facility providing all the technical support necessary for the production of commercially viable enzymes. Our facility utilises an extensive and diverse range of micro-organisms that can be screened for a desired biotransformation and subsequent isolation of novel enzymes.

Our facility can provide biocatalysts in any form desired by the customer, whether it be cloned DNA in a plasmid of choice, or large quantities of purified protein, providing the customer with a ‘tailor made’ biocatalysis solution to all their needs. Novel biocatalysts can be sourced from our own cDNA libraries and enhanced through mutagenesis, providing the client with a custom biocatalyst.

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