Metabolite Services

Metabolite Services

Metabolite synthesis is another tool within selectAZyme’s service offering that provides access to both oxidative and glycosylated products. Almac has implemented state-of-the-art biocatalytic technology for rapid metabolite synthesis, isolation and structural identification.

Almac has developed both recombinant and microbial P450 technology to access metabolites from mg to 100s grams scale.  These enzymes, which mimic human P450 systems, are a powerful tool for accessing difficult to synthesise metabolites rapidly.        

Metabolite Services Case Study


Metabolite Synthesis

  • Cloned Human P450     
  • Cloned Microbial P450   
  • Extensive microbial collection          

Metabolite Isolation/Structure ID

  • Analytical and prep LC  
  • LC/MS 
  • High-field NMR

Almac’s scale-up ability allows us to rapidly take ‘hits’ from conception to gram delivery as and when our customers require the products.

In addition, Almac can also supply radiolabelled versions of these metabolites utilising our in-house isotope chemistry group.


Case Studies


Reaction was carried out at 150 L scale with 138 g of metabolite prepared. Purification crystallisation afforded the desired product with >95% purity and >99% de.


After a microbial screen, ALM104 was identified to produce the desired glucuronide. This was scaled to 150 L fermentation and 2.3 g of metabolite was isolated after prep-HPLC and ion exchange.

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