Cocrystal Screening

Cocrystal Screening

Proven expertise in cocrystal discovery and scale-up.

Optimising the physical properties of an API is a critical step in the development of a drug candidate. Improvements in physicochemical properties can lead to an enhancement in solubility and ultimately in bioavailability.

Cocrystals incorporate pharmaceutically acceptable guest molecules into a crystal lattice along with the API, changing the physical properties of the solid.

  • Unique crystalline structures made from stoichiometric mixtures of components
  • A new approach to improve properties
  • Gives new, stable, patentable solid forms
  • Enables control over crucial properties

If you have an API that needs physical property improvement, Almac has the experience and expertise to help identify a cocrystal that meets your requirements. More importantly, we have successfully developed processes to manufacture cocrystals at scale.

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