Scientific Litigation and Prosecution Support

Scientific Litigation and Prosecution Support

Almac Scientific and Litigation Support provides expertise in pharmaceutical IP from expert witnessing to prosecution support.

Almac partners with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, supporting their drug development from invention to launch. With over 30 years experience in discovery, process development, manufacturing and formulation and over 15 years experience in patent prosecution and litigation, our success is world renowned.

With our state-of-the-art facilities in the US and UK, we provide:

  • Expert Witness (testifying/non-testifying)
    • Infringement
    • Paragraph IV
  • Technical Consultancy
    • Advice and Support for Successful Patent Prosecution in Europe and the US
    • Case-by-case Scientific Strategy

Our scientific litigation and prosecution support team leverages experience across the Almac Group. This talented group of scientists comprise several esteemed Professors, over 200 highly skilled PhDs, including solid state chemists, organic chemists, formulation scientists and analysts. We are capable of tackling almost any pharmaceutical IP issue.

Our people continue to develop, understand and research pharmaceutical products.  The same techniques and knowledge used to help our clients bring innovations to market are exploited to support successful IP prosecution and litigation.

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