Bioinformatics Consultancy

People and Experience

We employ highly qualified and experienced scientists within our bioinformatics and biostatistics team.  Our PhD level scientists are educated in a wide range of disciplines and have substantial knowledge and experience in molecular and cell biology, drug discovery and development and diagnostic product development.

Our approach

Almac recognises that every study is unique with its own challenges. Our bioinformatics and biostatistics team will work with you throughout your study to provide a service which is:


From initial study design and planning all the way through to the interpretation of your results, we will assist with all or any individual component of your study.


We apply bespoke protocols to suit your study and work in partnership with you to adapt your study if required, as data becomes available.


We offer complete transparency throughout your study with all methodology, programs and analytical methods clearly explained and available for you for review.

Quality focused

We pride ourselves on quality and work under standard operating procedures. All analytical methods we use are extensively tested and verified. All results are furthermore reviewed and supplied to you with complete information to enable independent confirmation.

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