Biomarker Clinical Trial Management

Biomarker Clinical Trial Management

Supporting our biomarker services, Almac offers a full range of solutions for managing the biomarker component of a clinical trial. As the incorporation of a biomarker into a clinical trial is becoming increasingly common, having a partner who can fully manage this component of the trial with experience and knowledge of the details of what is required is critically important. The services we offer consist of

Trial setup

  • Requirements gathering and SOP development
  • Operational manual development
  • Site training
  • Site audit

Trial management

  • Sample shipping
  • Sample logistics
  • Central Admin

Clinical testing

  • 24/7 sample receipt
  • Pathology review
  • Multiple testing platforms


Translating Pre-clinical Markers to Validated Assays and their Application to Clinical Trials for the Pharma Industry – Click here to view

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Almac Advantage


We have extensive experience in the full development of biomarker from discovery to delivery. We have our own internal biomarker discovery and development pipeline, and have successfully migrated Pharma biomarkers into the clinic.


We have the extensive infrastructure required to deliver this full service including high quality labs with multiple platforms, extensive analysis tools and knowledge and the integration with the whole Almac group.

Complete package

We offer a full and complete service covering biomarker discovery, development and delivery and full biomarker clinical trial management solutions.

Flexible Business models

We work in a fee for service basis in closer partnership with our clients offering services and support for each and every component. We work in a modular/ work package driven manner with clear stop/ go decision points throughout.

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