Turning a discovered biomarker into a test for clinical delivery is a complex process. Almac have significant experience in this area and offer a range of solutions to support your biomarker development. We offer these solutions both as a follow on service from our biomarker discovery or independently, taking biomarkers discovered by our clients and developing these into full clinical tests.

Our services include:

  • Determining the optimal platform for delivery of the assay
  • Platform migration
  • Tissue migrations studies
  • Assay transfer and appropriate analytical or method validation for clinical delivery
  • Proprietary panel of qPCR reference genes
  • Developing the assay instructions for use (IFU) and generating appropriate reference samples for use in validation studies or clinical delivery
  • Verified and tested software to automate the production of test report from raw test data (including algorithm analysis and QC)
  • Test interface and report
  • Analytical validation of the assay to CLIA standards establishing assay threshold, analytical precision, reference range, accuracy, as well as analytical specificity and sensitivity as required

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