Sample Analysis

Sample Analysis

At Almac we provide a range of solutions for sample profiling from FFPE.

FFPE samples pose a challenge for molecular profiling and the degradation of the nucleic acids in the material means traditional methods are not successful for this purpose.

Our Approach:

  • We have significant experience and expertise in profiling DNA, RNA and miRNA from FFPE material.
  • We have developed our own range of microarrays which are optimized for FFPE profiling and have worked with reagent manufacturers to optimise kits for working with FFPE.
  • We have extensive expertise in analysing data generated from FFPE from specific quality control pipelines to optimized data pre-processing tools and analysis pipelines. A key example of the success rate we can achieve is in a recent internal study we carried out in ovarian cancer where we generated good quality data from 599 our of 601 FFPE samples .

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