Cancer DSA, breast, prostate, lung, ovarian, colorectal, gene expression profiling

Cancer DSA®

Our Cancer DSA® research tools are the first high-density transcriptome based microarrays which focus on the transcriptome of an individual disease. They contain the most comprehensive information available for the disease under investigation on a single array and enable the obtaining of robust data from FFPE and frozen samples, while delivering additional information on the disease setting.

Each Cancer DSA® research tool is designed around an individual disease and tissue specific transcriptome; and as a result contains significant, additional and relevant information.

The current portfolio of Cancer DSA® arrays include:

  • Breast Cancer DSA®
  • Colorectal Cancer DSA®
  • Ovarian Cancer DSA®
  • Lung Cancer DSA®
  • Prostate Cancer DSA®

The range has been developed by a process of high throughput sequencing, gene expression profiling and intensive bioinformatics analysis, in order to characterise the transcriptome of the disease and include significant additional relevant data not available from any other microarray.

All of our proprietary discovery arrays (Xcel™ and Cancer DSA®) are designed with a 3′ focus providing an optimised platform for the analysis of FFPE samples.

RNA extracted from FFPE samples tends to have a shorter median transcript length and the detection of these samples on generic arrays is highly unstable and non-reproducible. By designing probe sets specific to the 3′ extremities of transcripts, a much higher detection rate is possible.

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