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Clinical Technology Services

Making Clinical Trials Work Better

Almac helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies speed the process of getting new drugs to market by increasing productivity in the management of sites, patients and clinical supplies through our industry-leading, IXRS® technology. Yet, technology is only part of our story.

Almac’s clinical technology business employs more than 400 professionals who are dedicated to delivering high quality solutions and outstanding customer service. Through their experience, expertise, energy and commitment, Almac has been a market leader since the mid 1990s. The common goal of Almac employees? Making clinical trials work better for patients, sites and sponsors.

Partnering for Success: Consultative Project Management

Almac is committed to helping clients maximize the functionality of our IXRS® technology. Knowledgeable Project Managers lead the effort, providing you with value-added consultation and expertise during the IXRS® design phase through the completion of your study.

Almac’s PMs are assisted by highly experienced system developers, QA professionals, project assistants and other talented individuals who are trained to consult with clients and deliver the highest quality service possible.

Experience and Expertise Working for you

 Almac has conducted over 1900 clinical trials involving approximately 1.8 million patients, 130,000 clinical trial sites, more than 85 countries and 60 languages. We possess experience in all of the major therapeutic areas as well as niche expertise in less common diseases and indications.  Almac has managed a wide range of studies, from small and local to highly complex and global.

Unlike most providers, however, Almac maintains a market-leading position in mega studies. Our global experience has helped Almac’s clients bring to market some of the most successful blockbuster vaccines, oncology drugs, respiratory medications and other life-saving therapies.

Multi-Modal Approach to Technology

In an age of convergence between computer and telecommunications technologies, Almac is at the forefront in applying such advances to improve the quality and productivity of clinical trials.

Our IXRS® integrated phone and web-based technology is the most highly configurable and customisable interactive voice and web response system (IVR/IWR) available for managing patients, supplies and clinical trial data.

A market-leading technology, IXRS® empowers clients to proactively manage key aspects of their clinical trials, including screening, randomization, dosing, drug/clinical supplies inventory management, patient tracking, electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO), and more.

For Sponsors… Leveraging the power of modern telecommunications and computer technologies, IXRS® sends alerts to sponsors via email, fax and through our state-of-the-art Almac Interactive Reporting™ platform.

For Sites… IXRS® helps improve productivity by automating vital patient management functions including screening, enrollment, randomisation, and grants/reimbursement processing, management. As the trial progresses, Almac partners with sites to improve patient retention and compliance through our IXRS® messaging technology.

For Patients… Almac offers the flexibility to use phone and/or a user-friendly, intuitive web technology for recording electronic Patient Recorded Outcomes. By providing patients with electronic reminders/messages to complete study tasks, such as completing an ePRO diary entry or visiting a clinical trial site, Almac helps patients stay engaged and compliant during the trial.

The Essence of Almac: Customer Service and Support Excellence

Almac is committed to customer service and operational excellence. Our professionals are determined to get things right the first time, but on the rare occasions when we do not, we are relentless in our efforts to correct, remediate and improve. That determination to please our clients is one of the key success factors that differentiate Almac from its competitors.

Beyond the level of support clients receive from Almac Project Managers, Project Specialists and management, Almac offers 24x7x365 site support through the Almac Technical Support Desk. All inquiries are managed by Almac  staff – we do not outsource our support services. No matter when you call or where you are, you will always receive a knowledgeable Almac customer service representative. We pride ourselves on customer service and believe it makes a huge difference, particularly on global trials, which require 24-hour support.

Focusing on the User Experience

Satisfying clients by maintaining focus on the user experience is a primary tenet of Almac. Our IXRS® technology is constantly evolving due to insights from thousands of clients and site professionals who participate in our satisfaction surveys and user groups.

Almac’s focus on the user experience is not limited to technology alone. At Almac, we know what really makes a difference to clients is the “experience” they have with our staff during clinical trials. And we are dedicated to improving our client experience each and every day.

Integrated Technology and Supply Chain Solutions

During a time when sponsors seek deeply-embedded relationships with a handful of quality global vendors capable of delivering a wide range of services, Almac offers clients an integrated solution that features best-in-class clinical supplies management and IXRS® technology.

Almac’s integrated supply chain solution involves a wide variety of services including consultation on supply chain strategy; patient screening, enrollment, randomization and tracking; biostatistics; supplies forecasting; packaging; labeling; cold chain management; analytical testing; global supplies distribution; QP release; drug inventory and expiry management; and IXRS® technology. No single company can match the depth of Almac’s integrated supply chain management solution.


Almac Advantage

Customer Service

Almac’s customer service is consistently rated one of the highest in the industry by sites and sponsors. Our project teams go above and beyond to ensure that all users’ needs are met throughout the life of a trial.

Global Reach

Almac’s technology and services have been deployed globally since 1995 in over 85 countries and 60 languages.

User-Friendly Technology

Satisfied users are productive users. Almac is always looking for new ways to improve the user-friendliness of our technology.


Almac has conducted over 1900 clinical trials worldwide, involving 1.8 million patients at 130,000 sites in over 85 countries and 60 languages. Our clinical technologies’ client base includes approximately 250 firms, with several Top 50 biopharmaceutical firms and over 150 small and medium-sized companies.

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