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Almac Interactive Reporting™

Almac Interactive Reporting™ is a powerful and user-friendly reporting system that helps clinicians and supplies professionals maximise the value of their clinical data.  Through the use of standard and custom dashboards, clients view alerts, trial metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs) and other trial-related information at-a-glance. Generating key study data from the IXRS database, Almac Interactive Reporting facilitates your efforts to make informed, proactive decisions that improve trial efficiency.

The intuitive, user-friendly interface of Almac Interactive Reporting inspires clients to interact with their data, empowering them to view, drill down, sort, filter, analyze, and share information with a few touches of a keyboard or mouse. Users can quickly create graphs, charts and tables. The system’s intuitive ad-hoc reporting capabilities allow clients to create custom reports in minutes. Included with all IXRS systems, Almac Interactive Reporting can make a difference in your clinical trial.

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Almac Advantage

Customer Service

Almac’s customer service is consistently rated one of the highest in the industry by sites and sponsors. Our project teams go above and beyond to ensure that all users’ needs are met throughout the life of a trial.

Global Reach

Almac’s technology and services have been deployed globally since 1995 in over 85 countries and 60 languages.

User-Friendly Technology

Satisfied users are productive users. Almac is always looking for new ways to improve the user-friendliness of our technology.


Almac has conducted over 1900 clinical trials worldwide, involving 1.8 million patients at 130,000 sites in over 85 countries and 60 languages. Our clinical technologies’ client base includes approximately 250 firms, with several Top 50 biopharmaceutical firms and over 150 small and medium-sized companies.

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