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Dynamic Patient Randomisation and Dosing

Clients have long recognised Almac’s expertise in standard and dynamic patient randomisations as well as subsequent drug assignments. Our experience ranges from small dose-finding studies to intricate global mega studies.

As a pioneer in adaptive and other dynamic randomisation techniques, Almac has conducted some of the industry’s most complex studies. To assist you in the design and implementation of complex, dynamic randomisation and dose titration schemes, our staff of in-house statisticians provide upfront consultancy during the planning of your trial and then apply their expertise to assure your study is executed in a successful manner.

Our capabilities include:

  • Central randomisation
  • Stratified randomisations
  • Adaptive or minimisation algorithms
  • Adaptive trial design
    • Monte Carlo simulations for reporting and balance calculations
  • Dose calculation
  • Forced titration schemes
  • Flexible titrations
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