Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

The pressure on Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies continues – to do more with less. Through an historical service evolution, we can provide value-added drug supply management services. Almac’s dedicated team of Supply Chain Managers (SCMs) can assume total responsibility for the management and optimisation of the global clinical supply chain. We are able to work at a deeper level with client companies and liaise with clinical teams directly.

Using real-time data from clinical sites (enrolment, inventory, etc.) the Supply Chain Manager will plan further packaging campaigns to support the supply chain.  This feeds into the overall supply plan, and allows the SCM to monitor the projected versus actual demand at all locations (site, depot, warehouses). This ensures that the overall supply plan is considered when making decisions. In addition, the Supply Chain Manager may be required to take on responsibility for approval of a variety of documents or decisions that in many cases would be approved by the customer (e.g. packaging documentation, distribution documents, IVRS specifications).

This allows Almac to provide an outsourcing solution for clients who wish to supplement their own in-house supply chain management resource or perform the function for those who have no dedicated resource available.

Key benefits of this service include

  • Clients can choose from a portfolio of services
  • Our SCMs can make decisions or act on behalf of the sponsor in relation to management of the global supply chain
  • Reduction of study drug waste
  • More effective planning, kit design and management of inventory
  • Determination of start up quantities, monitoring of recruitment projections, site activation, patient enrollment and management of the supply chain in accordance with this data.
  • Liaison with IVRS providers – either Almac supplied or third party.
  • Allows sponsor companies to concentrate resource on core competencies and functions
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