Material Forecasting

Material Forecasting


Almac now offers a tool that allows Project teams to produce material forecasts called SupplyWise™.  At the start of a project, Almac will produce several scenarios that they feel are accurate for the client’s project.  The client will then review these scenarios and select the forecast which they feel is best suited for their project. 

SupplyWise™ allows for subsequent forecasts to be produced on an ongoing basis (e.g. monthly, quarterly, etc.) using the drug usage data from an IVRS.  These forecasts will show production requirements with timelines.

Features of SupplyWise™ include:

  • Bulk material and finished product forecasts
  • Detailed supply needs over time based on:    
         – Enrollment rates, site ramp up, drop out rates, treatment assignment 
            and visit schedule
         – Overage based on site seeding and/or safety stock
         – Expiry dating
  • Integration of patient enrollment and drug usage data from any IVRS.  The forecast is automatically updated based on drug usage data.
  • A range of easy to use reports.  
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