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Comparator Sourcing and Blinding

Provision of a secure comparator supply has been a core service for many years – we have been able to obtain many difficult products required for clinical trials on a global scale. We also offer a range of solutions for blinding of comparator products. Over-encapsulation requires the flexibility to produce batches ranging from hundreds to millions of capsules in a cost effective and secure fashion.

Sponsor companies involved in the respiratory therapeutics area may require inhaler devices to act as the comparator product within their clinical trials. We have developed innovative methods to produce both blinded and placebo devices for use in double dummy trials.

Clients often approach us with blinding requirements that need an innovative approach and do not fit into the standard methods for blinding trial materials for example obscuring text on blister packs or blinding of vials / syringes.

Almac Advantage

All from one company

Source your comparators, over-encapsulation and analytical support from Almac. There is no need to involve multiple vendors


We have sourced and over-encapsulated thousands of comparator products globally, successfully delivering blinded product for use for many key clinical trials.

Technical Knowledge

We can discuss and advise the right process and approach for your trial – 1/2 tablets, multiple mixed doses, specified fill weights – we can handle all of your requirements.


GMP adherence and the deployment of the most efficient processing route – resulting in compliant, securely filled capsules, delivered for downstream processing – on time.

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