Our Shipping Temperature Electronic Monitoring System – Stems is a web-enabled fully validated data management system for temperature sensitive shipment information. We have witnessed an increase in biologics in the market and in response developed this system fully customised for clinical trial shipments enabling users’ immediate visibility upon monitor upload to each of their crucial shipment temperature reports.


STEMS provides real-time notifications of shipment results, and immediate on-line access to temperature data essential to the management of the drug supply. On-line data access and decision making by global project teams is key for reducing quarantine time for trials where the time from shipment receipt to dispensation to patient is limited.

STEMS is ideal for trials where archiving and retention of temperature data is critical for future regulatory submissions. Trials conducted in countries where the return of temperature monitoring devices is a convoluted or lengthy process will also benefit from the direct monitor report upload as users can make instant decisions 24/7 on their clinical supplies without the need for monitor returns or faxing of results reducing the quarantine time for clinical supplies.

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Technical Support

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