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Primary and Secondary Packaging

We satisfy all types of blistering, bottling and walleting/carding requirements with our flexible and extensive processing capabilities.

This is supplemented by efficient design, operational and Project Management resource.

Blistering / Walleting

  • In-house design group allows production efficiency to be combined with patient-friendly pack designs
  • Low humidity rooms available for moisture sensitive products
  • Huge global automated blister packaging resource
  • Efficient approach to small, mid and large scale processing
  • High output blistering in both the US and the UK facilities
  • Automated product feeding and mixed-product blistering
  • Calendar pack printing capabilities
  • Design and sourcing of wallet cards, including child resistant cards. Global capacity for wallet card production in a range of formats
  • Fully automated walleting ideal for large scale packaging projects


  • Fully automated bottling lines in US and UK facilities
  • Ability to handle many formats and sizes/count ranges
  • Bottle torquing and induction sealing as required
  • Automated dessicant insertion
  • On line label application where appropriate
  • production in a range of formats
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