Biopharmaceutical Labelling and Packaging - Vials, Ampoules, Contract packaging, vials, ampoules, biologics, potents, cytotoxic, orphan drugs, kit assembly, sterile labelling and packaging, refrigerated product.

Biopharmaceutical Labelling and Packaging – Vials, Ampoules

Servicing the US, EU and ROW markets, we perform secondary labelling and packaging of a range of biopharmaceutical products in vial, ampoule and cartridge formats. 

We routinely label and pack refrigerated drug products from two dedicated labelling lines for just-in-time supply to the marketplace. Supported by our in-house packaging design team  we can customise packaging to facilitate multi-country supply allowing for country specific and blue box information to be added online or at dispatch.

Having supported many new product introductions for our Clients, we are experts in product launches  into the EU markets, particularly Orphan Drug launches and niche biologics / proteinsWe have significant 2-8°C storage capacity and Client dedicated -80°C freezer capacity.

Coupled to our Third Party Logistics  services we can label, pack and distribute your product to the end-user.

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