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EU Product Launch Consulting Services

With its 28 member states the European marketplace, presents a variety of challenges from numerous official working languages to complex regulatory frameworks.  With the knowledge and expertise of our professional Product Supply Managers, we can help you overcome these challenges and ensure a smooth product launch.

Our dedicated product supply team have deep experience of launching products into the European marketplace and manage a multi-disciplinary project team of subject matter experts including Quality, Packaging Design, Regulatory and Distribution, to ensure milestones are met and that your market entry strategy is successful.

Having serviced the launch of a number of very high value niche and Orphan Drug products we can provide guidance upon launch strategy, regulatory and market specific requirements including country specific packaging requirements and end-user distribution.

Integrating all your pharmaceutical and distribution needs into a single supply team will minimise your effort and maximise your return.

For guidance on successfully launching your product in Europe, contact us.

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