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We provide a range of distribution services; from large scale deliveries to wholesalers; to single unit distribution direct to pharmacies.

No matter what your distribution requirements, before deciding upon a distribution strategy we conduct a distribution risk assessment, considering factors such as transit times and distribution method to target markets, product value, temperature requirements, (as outlined in your product licence) to ensure consistency and repeatability in all activities for every product despatched.

To ensure all drug products reach the end-user in optimum conditions we complete a full validation of shipping / packaging configurations.  Our validation and logistics teams work with you, the packaging suppliers and distribution partners to design a configuration bespoke to your drug product and develop and execute a full validation programme to ensure the solution is fit for purpose.  We can extend this process to include route qualification where ‘dummy’ shipments can be made to test the performance of the system in transit.

Coupled to this, we would identify all paperwork requirements in relation to import, export and customs documentation early in the project so as to reduce the risk of delays to your shipment.

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