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Conventional Capsules / Tablets

Developing an initial solid oral dose formulation is still the preferred choice for many of our clients.  Our team has significant expertise in developing initial prototype formulations. Using the data from excipient compatibility studies we will identify a number of potential formulations. We will develop a suitable blending / granulation process and produce prototype capsules or tablets to generate initial information on the manufacturing process and the stability of the formulation(s).  The development work and associated stability data will be summarised in a development report which will conclude which formulation and process is the optimum one to bring forward to GMP manufacture.

We have a wide range of technology available which allows us to work with APIs with varying properties:

  • Dry Powder Blending
  • Roller Compaction
  • Granulations (Aqueous and Solvent Capabilities)
  • Vacuum Drying, Tray Drying and Fluid Bed Drying
  • Spray Drying (Aqueous and Solvent Capabilities)
  • Automated Capsule Machines
  • Instrumented Tablet Presses
  • Coating (Aqueous and Solvent Capabilities)
  • Sacheting Capability
  • Bottling and Blistering for Stability Assessment
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