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Drug in Capsule

Filling drug / API directly into capsules is one of the quickest ways for you to enter Phase I clinical trials whilst requiring a minimum quantity of API. This approach can reduce time and financial investment at an early stage in the development process, by minimising the API required and by reducing the scope of analytical work required to support your clinical trial application.

Manual / Semi-Automated Filling

For low volume, small scale capsule supply we can provide API filling of capsules either manually, or by using capsule boards which are engineered to suit the characteristics of your particular API and the doses required.

Automated Processing

Using the Xcelodose® system we have the ability to fill formulations or API directly into capsules with a high level of accuracy. The Xcelodose® system can dispense amounts as low as 100 micrograms and up to 100 milligrams and beyond, into capsules from size 00 to 4. Dosing directly into capsules can reduce the amount of API required.

We also have additional higher speed capsule filling technologies available for larger scale capsule supply (12,000-90,000 capsules per hour) with a range of change-parts for processing various capsule sizes.

Potent Filling

Complementing Almac’s existing containment capabilities for processing compounds with an OEL ranging from 0.03 – 10μg / m3 / 8hrs TWA, the Xcelodose® 600S system includes an Xcelohood system providing containment when filling capsules with API of high or unknown toxicity.  We also have isolators and other containment technologies which enables us to handle potent compounds manually, when hand filling capsules using capsule boards or when filling capsules on higher speed automated equipment.

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