Solubility Enhancement, BCS I, BSC II, Poor aqueous solubility, API micronisation, microsuspensions, solubilised systems

Solubility Enhancement

Many APIs have poor pharmaceutics properties which presents challenges in gaining sufficient exposure when dosed to patients. At Almac, we can develop a variety of formulations which may offer improvements in the bioavailability of your compound. Among the techniques, we can offer:

  • Micronisation of API
  • Spray Dried Microsuspensions / Solutions  (Aqueous & Solvent Capabilities)
  • Spray Dried Amorphous Material (Aqueous & Solvent Capabilities)
  • Solubilised / Lipid Based Systems

We do not limit ourselves to technologies that are available in-house, and if the client has a particular approach or platform technology they want included in the study, we are happy to accommodate and will work with external parties.

We assess different formulations by developing a discriminatory dissolution method and ultimately by arranging comparative bioavailability studies. Our scientists can arrange these studies and will interpret the data to decide on a practical way to take one of these approaches forward to GMP manufacture.

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