Biomarker Discovery

Almac Diagnostic Services can also help Biopharma clients validate reliable Pharmacodynamic (PD) Biomarker assays that can help provide invaluable guidance within their drug development programmes. Almac also has extensive experience in the discovery of clinically applicable biomarkers, through our own range of Almac proprietary assays(DDIR, Prostate Dx, ColDx, Angio, and EMT) and through developing biomarkers for our partners. As […]

Portfolio Overview

Predictive Prognostic PIPELINE I-O Assay for I-O* Agents Angio Assay for Anti-Angiogenic Agents DDRD Assay for DNA Damaging Agents EMT Assay for EMT Targeted Agents Prostate Dx Assay for Prostate Cancer Col Dx Assay for Stage II/III Colon Cancer Biomarker Discovery Product Development Commercialisation Biomarker Identification Proof of Concept Analytical & Clinical Validation Launch Market […]

Prostate DX

Almac’s Prognostic Assay for Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer This 70 gene assay can prospectively identify patients at high risk of disease recurrence and/or metastasis following radical treatment. It is suitable for patients presenting with intermediate risk localised prostate cancer and should be used in conjunction with conventional risk factors or nomograms e.g. CAPRA-S/CAPRA to provide […]

Queen’s University Belfast in Collaboration with Almac Group Lead Largest Study of its Kind to Transform Prostate Cancer Treatment

Queen’s University Belfast have led the world’s largest research study using a diagnostic test developed by Almac Diagnostic Services, to better understand the biology of prostate cancer tumours, which could lead to a transformation in how prostate cancer is diagnosed and treated. Whether a prostate cancer patient has a slow-growing or aggressive tumour will affect […]