Polymorph Screening

Polymorph screeningFinding the most stable form of the API

Polymorph screening is designed to find the most stable form of the API and to define the form for clinical development and GMP manufacture. During the screening, the tendency to form polymorphs, solvates, and hydrates in typical processing solvents and under typical process conditions (e.g., drying, milling and compaction) is thoroughly investigated.

Our screening services are directed by highly trained chemists and analysts performing a scientific investigation tailored to your API properties, development phase and budget, rather than generic protocols using robotics. A tailored, manual/semi- automated investigation conducted by experienced specialists is widely regarded as the preferred approach and has been found to perform as well as, or better, than high throughput screening, while using fewer experiments1.

1 A.J.Alvarez, A.Singh, A.S.Myerson, “Polymorph Screening: Comparing a Semi-Automated Approach with a High Throughput Method”, Crystal Growth and Design, 2009, 9, 4181-4188

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