Salt and Cocrystal Screening

Salt and Cocrystal Screening

Choosing the appropriate salt for your API

The selection of an appropriate salt provides an opportunity to alter the API’s physicochemical properties and resultant biological characteristics. Salts are most commonly employed for modifying aqueous solubility. However, the salt form selected will influence a range of other properties, such as hygroscopicity, chemical stability, dissolution rate, crystallinity, and physical stability. It should also be noted that screening for developable salt forms could strengthen the intellectual property of the API.

Providing you several levels of salt screening to suit different research goals and budgets
Screens are carefully planned to address the required improvement of the API.  Once salts have been identified, we employ a staged approach for the selection of the best possible form.

Proven expertise in cocrystal discovery and scale-up

Optimising the physical properties of an API is a critical step in the development of a drug candidate. Improvements in physicochemical properties can lead to an enhancement in solubility and ultimately in bioavailability.

Cocrystals incorporate pharmaceutically acceptable guest molecules into a crystal lattice along with the API, changing the physical properties of the solid. This can achieve:

  • Unique crystalline structures made from stoichiometric mixtures of components
  • A new approach to improve properties
  • New, stable, patentable solid forms
  • Increased control over crucial properties

If you have an API that requires physical property improvement, we have the experience and expertise to help identify a cocrystal that meets your requirements. Most importantly, we have successfully developed processes to manufacture cocrystals at scale.

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