FLEXYTE® Fluorescence Lifetime Technology

Our FLEXYTE® platform is an enabling assay technology which uses fluorescence lifetime (FLT) as the reporting modality. By utilising FLT as the readout parameter in primary and secondary screening applications, this platform offers a number of key benefits over other fluorescence-based formats, including the ability to minimise compound interference, facilitate assay miniaturisation and deliver a robust and sensitive readout.

Developed through our experience in peptide engineering and chemical synthesis and design, FLEXYTE® assays employ a proprietary long lifetime fluorophore, which enables discrimination from fluorescent interfering compounds – a notable source of false positives in screening campaigns.

FLEXYTE® assays have been developed for a number of important therapeutic targets including kinases, phosphatases, proteases, epi-writers, epi-readers and deubiquitinases. For other classes, we can configure a  FLEXYTE® FLT assay to meet your requirements.

Our Alliance with TTP Labtech

Labtech’s ameon® system represents the next generation of FLT reader technology. By offering real-time decay curve analysis, it provides a revolutionary combination of speed, precision and data quality for FLT assays, which can be readily integrated into HTS workflows. Our customers can now access class-leading screening performance, which covers a broad range of biological applications, when coupled with the next generation of microplate reader technology.

Further Information

For further details on the effectiveness and applications of FLEXYTE® check out our information sheets:

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