Preformulation & Solid State Services

Peptide and protein technologyAlmac’s Physical Sciences groups’ comprehensive range of services and expertise will help strengthen the success of your product.

Identifying and consistently producing a drug in its optimal physical form is vital to any successful drug development programme. It also avoids the need for bridging toxicological or pharmacokinetic studies or the need to implement expensive form control strategies at short notice.

Through the creation of synergy between solid-state chemistry and formulation development, our experienced scientists have the ability to add great value to your pre-clinical project, while decreasing timelines.

Our investigations are driven by science, not robotics with highly trained chemists and analysts directing every study.  We have delivered screening, troubleshooting and analysis solutions for over 100 virtual, biotech and large Pharma clients, thus contributing to the success of many drug development programmes.


Solid State Early Phase

Solid State Support

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