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In Pharma Services we work with our client portfolio which includes small vertical companies through to big pharma and biotech companies, to develop pharmaceutical products throughout their lifecycle, from early phase clinical development to process validation and commercialization for successful clinical candidates.

The Analytical Support Team is responsible for all the analytical test requirements of formulation development projects. The testing is conducted using highly sophisticated laboratory instrumentation such as HPLC/UPLC systems and associated software, producing data that will be used to support prototype development and release of clinical trial supplies.  

Description of Area of Work

The role will be based in a very busy laboratory, working in a team, headed up by a Team or Technical Leader.  You will work under the guidance of a Senior Analyst within that team and work alongside fully qualified Analysts. It is anticipated that the Placement Analyst after successful qualification from their training (~ 3months) would undertake the testing associated with multiple projects within their team, gaining a broad range of experience.

Projects to be worked on

The successful candidate will have exposure to all aspects of analytical chemistry during their placement. Each project has different analytical requirements where potentially the methods have been developed by the client and then we are required to conduct a technology transfer or we need to develop the methods in-house which would then lead on to the requirement to validate these methods.   For the drug product prototypes that are developed we are required to run stability programs in various packaging formats to determine their shelf life. When we have established the shelf life then we progress to clinical manufacture and release testing to allow use in clinical trials.

Any of these areas can be a focus for an industrial placement project.

Structure/Purpose of Placement

The placement should give the successful candidate an understanding of the drug development process and a good introduction to analytical chemistry. The basic requirements of the job are to be able to work methodically and accurately and primarily to be able to problem solve on a daily basis. These are skills that can prepare the candidate for their chosen career and demonstrate to them where their strengths lie.

Ultimately for Almac we are looking to identify that the successful candidates are able to demonstrate the Almac core competencies of superior communicators, problem solvers and leaders in the Advancement of Human Health and that ultimately they will have a successful career at Almac in the future.

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