What does a typical day in your job involve?

My job can vary on a day to day basis given the nature of working in a very busy payroll office. My role as Supervisor involves ensuring that the team work well together, often to very tight deadlines with a monthly end goal of producing an accurate and timely payroll.  

Payroll has very strict timescales in place, as well as important processes to complete at various stages of each month. 

What projects have you worked on that have been particularly interesting?

I have been involved in quite a few projects in payroll, a lot of which have seen many manual processes becoming more automated. When I first started in Almac, although we only had a third of the workforce that we have now, all our payroll processes were manual. The introduction of a digital Time Management System was a great project to be part of. 

This past year has also seen the opening of our Dundalk site and the necessity for a ROI Payroll.  Although I had some experience of doing ROI payroll before, my knowledge was somewhat out of date and I have enjoyed the challenge of updating my skills along with involving myself in the training and mentoring of other members of my team.

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