Chemistry – Almac Sciences

Almac Sciences provides services for all stages of drug development for small molecules, potent and cytotoxic compounds and peptides whilst the analytical services function delivers comprehensive solutions supporting drug substance development programs.

A complete set of solutions aimed at accelerating entry into early stage clinical development is offered.

Description of Area of Work

The Chemistry functions within Almac Sciences focus mainly on process development and scale-up activities.  We develop processes for small molecules and peptides with the aim to scale-up and manufacture drug substances for toxicology studies and clinical trials.

The Chemistry within the group is primarily organic synthesis using both classical chemistry and modern catalytic techniques.  Part of the group also works on bio-catalytic processes using enzymes to promote organic transformations.  There is also a growing interest in flow chemistry.

Purpose of Placement

The placement is aimed to give the student a good understanding of laboratory techniques, and a sound understanding of scientific principles that are used within an R&D setting.

Structure of Placement 

The placement student will work within one of the chemistry laboratories at the Craigavon site, with a mentor assigned who will guide the student on a daily basis.  Training will be given on laboratory techniques – both for setting up and running chemical reactions, and also use of analytical techniques such as HPLC and NMR.

Projects to be Working on

The project will either be a piece of internal research to gain a better understanding of a certain chemical transformation, or will be assisting other Chemists in the laboratory on a typical development project.

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