For Teachers

At Almac, we believe that all employees, customers, and the neighborhoods we serve are part of the Almac family. We engage in long-term partnerships and collaborative people-centered initiatives to advance human health through education, volunteerism, and support. We reinvest everything into our largest asset: people, those within our walls and throughout our communities. Almac emphasizes diversity, sustainability, and an uncommon propensity to lead discoveries in human health.

Our Outreach Commitment

Almac endeavors to promote STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), particularly science at all levels within schools, colleges, and universities. We proactively encourage visits, tours, and placements as part of our commitment to generating continued interest and enthusiasm in these disciplines.

Our Outreach Program

At Almac we adopt a proactive approach to our outreach opportunities, focusing on our involvement and impact in the communities we serve by volunteering, educating, and hosting a variety of events at our facilities in Philadelphia, CA, Durham, NC, and San Francisco, CA.

School Visits

Almac hosts a number of career outreach sessions onsite for high school and college students throughout the academic year. These prove to be very popular with schools that are promoting key areas of the STEM curriculum and to highlight career opportunities within our sector. Many of the students are accompanied by teachers/professors who gain an insight into both the company and the potential career possibilities available, for which provide them with valuable information that can then be taken back to the classroom. Please check this page for upcoming announcements.

For more information or questions relating to our public engagement and community involvement, please email our public affairs team: