What was it that made you choose Almac over other companies that interested you or with which you interviewed?

I always wanted to work in the pharmaceutical industry and having had experience in academia, I was interested in  the latter stages of drug development. My knowledge of the CDMO environment was quite limited at the start, however, Almac showed willingness in training me up. Initially, I moved into a Development Chemist position and then became a Business Development Manager. 

What would you tell an applicant who is applying to Almac?

A private company being owned by a charity is unique within the pharmaceutical industry. This uniqueness reflects on Almac’s culture and company atmosphere.

What great opportunities have you had in your role?

The greatest opportunity in my current role is to meet with passionate scientists and leading experts from the pharmaceutical industry all over Europe.


Can you outline your career within Almac to date?

I started as a Development Chemist and through a secondment more than a year ago, I am now a Business Development Manager for Almac Sciences.

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