Healthcare in Northern Ireland - Almac CareersBeing part of the UK ensures that residents in Northern Ireland have access to the National Health Service. This service provides free healthcare to all EU citizens. Registering with a local doctor is simple as long as you bring your European Health Insurance Card. This card will provide you with full access to local support or more serious attention at one of the many hospitals in Northern Ireland.

As well as the free services offered by the NHS, Northern Ireland also offers excellent standards of private healthcare. Facilities are available at the Ulster Independent Clinic, Kingsbridge Hospital or Hillsborough Private Clinic.

In addition to this, everyone at Almac can avail of the Westfield Healthcare benefit which reimburses the cost of dental treatment, optical care and professional therapy treatments. Upgrade options and family cover are also available at an additional cost.

For more information on healthcare:

National Health Service (Public Healthcare)

Private Healthcare