Would you say that being a Safety Officer represents a good career?

Yes, being a Safety Officer does represent a good career as it requires you to have completed challenges both via experience and professional qualifications. This is a career path of good standing and also provides plenty of variety. You certainly don’t sit at a desk all day.

Do you think your job makes a real difference?

Yes this job makes a difference because it is the responsibility of Safety Officers to ensure that provisions are in place to keep people safe and that employees return from work in the same condition they started. Without Safety officers in place, risks are more likely to be ignored, health and welfare issues may remain unresolved and operations do not run as smoothly. If employees see health and safety being taken seriously they will also value it, helping to build a good rapport which always makes working life so much more pleasant. Many customers make safety intervention paramount as they do see the benefit of Health & Safety.

What do think of the future job prospects in your industry?

There will always be a need for safety professionals in the pharma industry and any manufacturing industry. As the industry is growing and developing, new ideas, projects and equipment are being introduced which will always require safety intervention. 

How do you balance your career with your personal life?

I make the most of using my holidays and the flexi-time. Flexi-time gives so much more freedom to organizing things outside work. Staying behind to finish something off opens up some time to follow up on other things. Having a supportive manager also has an influence. I am not long into the company but haven’t had an issue with creating a work life balance, even if I decide to try and further my career.

What type of exciting projects have you worked on?

In previous safety careers I have worked abroad on safety projects. Currently I am part of the exciting development of the European Campus in Dundalk. I will be responsible for the implementation and maintenance of safety on the site, including everything from ensuring fire safety is up to date to carrying out emergency training.

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