Almac's webinar series: Clinical Trial Supply and Technology

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Almac’s webinar series: Clinical Trial Supply and Technology

Clinical Trial Supply and Technology: A proven approach to achieve supply chain harmony

The clinical supply chain is a physical network of manufacturing facilities, couriers, and depots through which clinical trial materials are produced and distributed.  This network is driven by interconnected digital systems that store and transmit data to power, monitor, and track the ordering, movement, and administration of clinical supplies. 

In this webinar series, we will examine how the harmonization of these systems can result in a simplified and optimized clinical supply chain.  This three-part series follows the life cycle of the physical clinical supply chain from bulk manufacture to destruction, demonstrating the effective use of integrated digital systems for site, drug and patient management.

Part I: Building the Clinical Supply Chain

Topics include:

Initial planning and study set-up

Protocol analysis and study information

Forecasting material demand and Material Resource Planning (MRP)

Packaging, Labeling and Distribution strategies

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Part II: Powering the Clinical Supply Chain

Topics include:

Supply strategies to manage inventory

The Drug Management algorithm

Maintaining end to end product experience through Temperature Management

Managing stability data and resolving temperature excursions

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Part III: The Harmonized Clinical Supply Chain

Topics include:

The network of physical and digital infrastructure

Interactive technologies to seamlessly execute your clinical trials

Accountability, Reconciliation, Return and Destruction

The complete electronic Chain of Custody

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